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You may or may not know about a huge block that holds several Utahraptor ostrommaysorum individuals of several ages together with two Hippodraco scutodens from Utah. Obviously this is an awesome find and since the previous material of the largest Dromaeosaurid is quite scarce, this find is really usefull to find out more about the animal's look. (hint hint: it's not your average raptor)

Problem is that the project needs awareness and money. It's a big amount of work to do. There's page to fund the project here:…

In comes the "Love In The Time Of Chasmosaurs" blog who has just launched a little competition everyone can participate in to raise some awareness. Draw in a funny way how you think these dinosaurs ended up in this block. Winners get a price. (extra points for accuracy)
More info about the contest here:…

Also you might want to fill in the 2017 Survey of Paleoartists. Wether you're a hobbyist or a pro, just fill it in. It's to spread some info about this branch of illustration and to try to get rid of some tabboos surrounding it. It only takes a few minutes:…
Aight, 2017 has started. Let's see what it will bring. I wish you all the best for this year :D

What are we going to get from palaeontology in 2017? Everyone has his wishing list so I'll share mine too for this year:

Bullet; Green Pterosaur ancestors! Scleromochlus is nice, but it's so lonely. We need more from that branch of the evolutionary tree.
Bullet; Green Feathers on Sauropodomorphs.
Bullet; Green More frozen Pleistocene animals. 
Bullet; Green A feathered Tyrannosaurus specimen.
Bullet; Green More preserved pigments. Doesn't matter from what prehistoric animal.

What you can expect from me this year:

Bullet; Green A whole load of prehistoric animals as usual. I will focus more on non-Mesozoic stuff too because I really need to learn more about that.
Bullet; Green Some extant animals too here and there.
Bullet; Green The Jurassic World Project will get new additions at the same speed as last year, maybe a bit faster. Slowly but surely that park will get filled...
Bullet; Green Drawing vids.
Bullet; Green I need to restart the zombie comic again, because it dwindled down to about two or three pages in 2016 and is now on hiatus because school and lack of motivation.
Bullet; Green Maybe I might start writting stuff again. 
Bullet; Green A specevo project?

                                           Ursus spelaeus eremus by Dontknowwhattodraw94

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This Dorudon wishes you a Merry Christmass/other religious party-day! 
I hope you've all celebrated it/will celebrate it and have a good time with friends and /or family :D

Prozeuglodon by Dontknowwhattodraw94

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But only because I haven't written a journal in months.
(the tags are spreading again)

Bullet; Green 13 things about me:

1. Planet Earth II is amazing. Like, mangificent. 
2. I like cheese pie.
3. I've spend more than 12 hours in school yesterday (from 08.30 to 21.00) and it was awfull. Well, not the courses and such, but there's a line you know? 
4. The metal festival I always (try to) go to each year has announced Rammstein as their first headliner, but I can't go.
5. I've seen Being As An Ocean live two weeks ago and it was the best show I've been to untill now.
6. I learned how to bind books.
7. I watched Pete's Dragon about on hour ago.
8. I have a passionate hate for creationists and other people who take their religion too seriously. So edgy.
9. I am typing whatever pops up into my head.
10. I like Karolientjes. (cookies)
11. I've water-skied this summer. It was fun.
12. I've tried to spot badgers a month ago. I saw them. (barely, but the search itself was quite the adventure)
13. It's late. I'm tired.

Bullet; Green Questions asked:

1. Do you think it's fun to imagine roaring dinosaurs?

Yes, but other ways to voculate are nice too. Trying to do it yourself is even better, but you've got to do that when you're home alone. 

2. Is fatness in dinosaurs beautiful?

Real dinosaurs have curves. Or floof. Or other soft tissues.

3. Look at who else I tagged, who is the best artist of them?

Ever heard of the Apple of Discord from "The Judgement of Paris"?

What did you just recently eat?

Halvely cold French fries because the chip chop was closed and I had to eat those from my family that were still left. Also self made fruit pudding and those Karolientjes. 
This sounds weird. It is. Normally I just eat normal food, I've just got bad luck you asked me this today.

What do you think is the heaviest object a pteranodon sized pterosaur could lift with its feet?

Let's see: they can't grasp stuff with their toes because they don't have a hallux, but I can grasp stuff with my toes if I do my best. Pterosaurs had longer toes than Homo sapiens so I guess their toes had it easier if they did decide to grasp something. It's not going to be something big though like a twig, a small rock, a pine cone etc.

What's stale meme plus 10?

I have no idea...

7: Name a celebrity you like (or don't like) and find his/her spirit dinosaur.

Bryce Dallas Howard: Indominous rex.

8: What is your spirit dinosaur?

I dunno, something Maniraptor-ish?

Do you want a Hippopotamus amphibius for Christmas?

A tiny one. Like the size of a hamster so I could build it a nice, beautiful cage with a large pool and some terrain where it can walk upon. Also the pool has transparant walls so I can watch it punt.
And all of this the size of something I can easily place in my room. 

Will only a Hippopotamus amphibius do amongst Crocodylus niloticus and Ceratotherium simum?

I'm going to pick the croc then.

What's the worst thing you've encountered on this splendid website we call home? Plz no links.

I'm an innocent person, never stumbled on something disturbing. (yet)
I do find all those foot fetishes and blown up woman you see on the What's hot? page weird. What's that even doing here? 

What voice would you kill to have?

13. Do you think Spinosaurus was bipedal or slithered about in the mud? 

I don't know anymore... I was first all for "slithering through the mud coming for that butt" because of this: 

"The pelvic girdle and hind limb are considerably reduced in Spinosaurus. The surface area of the iliac blade is approximately one-half that in most theropods, and the supracetabular crest that supports the hind limb is low."

"The femur in Spinosaurus has an unusually robust attachment for the caudofemoral musculature, which is anchored along nearly one-third of the femoral shaft, suggesting powerful posterior flexion of the hind limb. The articulation at the knee joint for vertical limb support, in contrast, is reduced. The distal condyles of the femur are narrow, and the cnemial crest of the tibia is only moderately expanded."

(from Ibrahim et al. 2014)

But on the other hand it maybe did stand on its hind legs from time to time? Slithering through the mud makes the most sense to me, but who am I?
I just don't draw it on land anymore. 

No tags.
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It's 2D, so it's always flat. It's not that hard.
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I leave tomorrow, but I won't be home anyway the rest of this day so I won't respond to comments and such untill the start of August.
Bye untill then!
Velociraptor mongoliensis by Dontknowwhattodraw94
As a thank you here's a new drawing tutorial vid. It's been a while since I last made one.
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A friend of me send me this on Facebook joking how fake it is. However, it moves like a real alligator and it looks like a real alligator, it's not the kind of crap like that video of an eagle that flew away with a kid. Plus it doesn't look bigger than alligators can get? Looking about five, six meters long, being about as tall as the hip height of the guy filming it? That's pretty huge, but still realistic, right?


UPDATE: Just when I post this it appears shortly on the news here. Or journalists jump at hoaxes without doing research or this thing actually is real...

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By :iconkingedmarka:

The Rules:

1.) You have to p - *SKIP*

13 things about myself:

1. A few days ago I managed to spot a Eurasian woodcock in the wild, a rare bird I had never seen before.
2. The first pet I want to have will be two or three ferrets.
3. I will built such an awesome cage for them with branches and stuff in it to make their environment look as natural as possible.
4. My hamster Atilla is now more than two years old and I'm so afraid I'm going to find her dead in her cage soon. But I'm thinking that for almost a year now so I keep getting more and more worried everytime I walk to her cage when I have to feed her...
5. If Donald Trump makes it to President I'm going to listen to "The Idiots Are Taking Over" by NoFX all day and lose a huge chunk of my faith in humanity. 
6. I really need to draw something again that's worthy posting here.
7. I have eaten pizza at around 04.30 am last night. (or should that be morning already?)
8. On one hand I want to start sporting again, but on the other I don't think I have the time or energy for it. 
9. It could also be that I don't have that energy because I haven't sported intensely for about three years.
10. This morning (a few hours after the pizza eating, I was at a party with my friends) I happened to not be able to find out how to get water out of the tap because I couldn't find the handle, only to found out, after I called for help, that it was a motion sensored one...
11. I cycled without any lights through some forests and fields yesterday, shortly after darkness had settled. There isn't any traffic there of course so no danger. It was a really calming thing to do. 
12. Oh look: Top Gear is on television!
13. I am so fucking pissed at a certain Deviant right now.

Questions I have to answer:

1.  What is your favorite Mythological creature?

Quite a difficult choice... I think a kelpie or a dragon.

2.  What is your favorite candy?  

We have these cookies here that are small and round with a curling tip of hardened sugar on it. They come in three colours. I don't know how you call them in English.
Also: Cuberdons.

3.  If you have one, what's your favorite Spec-Evo project/creature?  

Well, I haven't really gotten into spec-evo before 
:iconhyrotrioskjan:'s Nea project and I haven't checked out any other ones yet with the exception of :iconmickeyrayrex:'s Future Earth, because he started his one at about the same time Nea got started and I watched Colin already by then, so I could follow it from the start together with Nea. Worth mentioning too is :iconsheather888: because even though I haven't checked his projects out decently, the designs I do have seen are just really awesome!

4.  Favorite Sci-fi movie?

Jurassic Park of course.

5.  Favorite animated movie?

Jungle Book, Disney's Dinosaur, The Sword in the Stone, Mulan, Quest for Camelot, Brother Bear.

6.  Favorite Video Game(s)?

I stopped gaming quite some years ago, but Need For Speed on PS2 has always been awesome. I don't like post-Hot Pursuit games though, because it's not what Need For Speed is for me anymore.

7.  What are some other countries you have visited (if you HAVE visited other countries that is)?

Croatia, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, England.

8.  Out of your artwork, what piece are you most proud of?

The Ghost of the Forest
The Fighting Dinosaurs
Uyan and Dina
#400: Alamosaurus - The Great Feast
A Pleistoscene

9.  Favorite kaiju?

I'm not really into kaijus so the only ones I can say I like are Godzilla and that flying one from Pacific Rim.

10.  Favorite type of music and/or bands?

I'll just name some bands: Rise Against, Slipknot, Billy Talent, The Agonist, Gloryhammer, Paramore, Of Monsters And Men, Gary Go and Xavier Rudd.
I also need to check out Ludovico Einaudi, Bon Iver and Mumford and Sons.

11.  Do you collect anything?  

Only cd's at the moment.
I also collected Walking Dead comics and dinosaur models, but I think I'm done with that.

12.  Do you like camping?


13.  Have you personally met any other DeviantArtists?
 :iconl0rd130rn: :iconbananeboompje: :iconiranaa: :icondandrawingman: :iconjl98: :iconsleepinglies: :icongyzerr:

Not going to tag someone.
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This time we're going to do a more gentle (as far as the stereotype goes), non-predatory thing (if they didn't go after "extra protein" like deer sometimes do): a hadrosaur with a long head crest.

Also, tomorrow I'm gone for a week so I won't reply to stuff untill next Saterday. Anyway, bye untill then! 
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So I'm having this problem lately I can't find an answer for: Tyrannosaurus (or giant theropods in general) being covered in dense feathers and having lips. Or not.

I think everyone here in the paleoart community on DeviantArt has asked himself the question wether a fully feathered Tyrannosaurus (think Saurian model at minimum amount of feathers) or a scaley rex with an elephant like covering of feathers is more accurate. I've had this problem too and found lots of answers for saying the former is more accurate and likely possible. I think you'll probably be familiar with the arguments regarding pro feathers:

-Phylogenetic bracketing: ancestors of Tyrannosaurus had them too (Dilong, Juravenator, Yutyrannus).
-Mass/skin surface ratio: Theropods having a way different build than modern day animals with comparable wheights (rhinos, elephants) and thus having more skin resulting in losing more heat. A theropod would need those feathery coats.
-The emu feather study: A study on emu feathers, the kind of feathers that resemble the primitive ones on T. rex and such the most, showed that the dense insulation prevents solar radiation from reaching the skin and that the dark tips also simply absorb the heat.
-Air sacs: Theropods had air sacs like birds. These sacks have just like lungs a constant flow of air which makes them able to lose more heat than a mammal of the same mass or size since those only have lungs. 
-Having scale impressions of Tyrannosaurus proves nothing since feathers tend to grow between scales. Think of owl feet for example.
- For T. rex in particular: Hell Creek wasn't that warm (7 to 11 degrees Celcius) and Tyrannosaurus' range could've been quite North of Hell Creek where it obviously was colder. Insulation (feathers) are needed.

Lips in theropods are getting popular too in lots of reconstructions here and the arguments pro are these:

- Theropods had stiff lips with holding tissue like lizards. Reptilian lips aren't comparable with those of mammals since the latter don't have these stiff lips.
- Large teeth (like those of T. rex) could've been put away in "pockets" between the lower jaw and the sof tissue of the lips. Varanids for example have those too.
-Teeth have to kept moist. Traditional theropod drawings show the teeth outside of the mouth all the time, this wouldn't be healthy for the teeth. Crocodiles are not a valid argument since those spend most of their time in the water. Water is wet. Teeth get wet. Teeth are moist.

Now these arguments make a whole lot of sense and are good to get fanboys and uneducated people their mouth shut (or you just stop replying if they don't want to give up and keep using bad arguments). However, I've come across some arguments that to me seem to be good competition for al the pro arguments. I'll summarize these too here.

Anti feathers:

- Mass/skin surface ratio: Are the large ears, trunk and four legs of elephants taken into account when comparing them with Tyrannosaurus? If that's not the case, Tyrannosaurus actually had a smaller ratio. Worth to mention is that T. rex with a wheight of 7 or 8 ton (9 being the mass estimate) actually weighs more than an elephant (6 tons).
-Air sacs in theropods would've been smaller than those of birds because the pubis bone prevents them from becoming this big in comparison to the body, so theropods would lose less heath than birds. Also for emus in particular: it's the thickness of their coat that prevents the solar radiation from reaching the skin (think of desert living nomades who wear multiple layers or cloth to prevent overheating) and this thickness is needed because their air sacs are so big (in contrary to those theropods with their pubis bone) that if they had a less dense coat, they would lose too much heat and die.
A giant theropod couldn't have a thick feathery coat (think the Saurian model for example) because of these arguments.
-Tyrannosaurus climate: Today, the Hell Creek is about 6 degrees Celcius in temperature and has freezing winters. Adding those few degrees Celcius to get the Late Cretaceous temperature makes a whole lotta difference. Also keep in mind that though inland temperatures vary a lot if you compare winter and summer, during the Late Cretaceous there was the Western Interior Seaway. Hell Creek wasn't a deep inland place as it is now, it layed against/close to the WIS. This would result in the temperature of summer and winter being much less different in combination with them being heigher as today.

Anti lips:

- The teeth of Tyrannosaurus were too big. Even though most part of it is inside the skull and another part is covered in gums, the naked teeth were still too large to have been covered by lips. They would pierce the soft tissue.
-The "pockets" would hang over due to their being no cheeks to support them. They would hang outside and be easy targets for rivals to bite in or the animal itself would bite in its lips because of them falling onto their teeth. 
T. rex could have had no lips because of these arguments. A small toothed theropod, for example Allosaurus, has more likelyhood to have had them.

Aight, so this is it and I have no idea anymore what to accept. Maybe I missed something that gives one side of the argument the upperhand and I'm simply not aware of that, but now at this moment I'm stuck. What I want to ask is the people over here that are more familiar with the arguments then me to explain me what's the more likely and why. If you would be so kind enough, you can also post links to papers and posts by palaeontologists if you know those, so I can read those too. 
This journal's comment section would then be a nice go-to place for me and other people to get their facts straight. I think I'm not the only one who might find this useful. 

Thanks a lot in advance for helping me! :)
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To everyone I haven't wished it already :D
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  • Watching: Dawn
Hi, guys! Made a new drawing video, hope you enjoy it :)

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Like wut? How?!

I noticed yesterday that my amount of watchers passed 400. I have no idea how that's possible, but thanks a lot everyone! When I joined the DA community, now almost four years ago, I wouldn't have had any idea so many people would actually like my art. Not even half that much, I mean, 400 is a lot. Okay, not compared with the real artists with over 1000 watchers and such, but wow, 400... 
It really means a lot. I don't really know how to propperly thank you guys, but I'll make a full coloured drawing to celebrate it. Don't know about what yet and it might take a while before I can post it with school and such, but it'll be here somewhere in the future. 
Anyway, thanks a lot again! You people are awesome!Velociraptor mongoliensis by Dontknowwhattodraw94
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I'm only going to answer the questions if you don't mind.

1. Do you like my icon? (-/5)

Well, it's a picture of you. That's something you don't see much here. I liked your previous one more though. Thus 4/5.

2. Do you like my art? (-/5)

Yes, I like the way you draw your paleoart :) 5/5

3. 3. What is your favourite country (apart from ones you've lived in)?

There are several countries I've been to, my top three would be Croatia, Germany and Sweden.
Croatia because we always go on vacation there. It's really warm, but the nature is beautiful and very dry so there are lots of reptiles. (and swallows! The sky is filled with them) You don't see that here in Belgium.
Germany because of the Black Forest. I've been there once and I have to say a pine forest is the most peaceful place I've ever been. Everything's green, not just the trees, but also the whole forest floor because of the mosses that cover them, the air is fresh so you can smell the pines around you and there's no sound. Not even a bird. You really have to do your best to find animals. 
Sweden because of the same reasons as Germany, only it's more nature over there, plus the lakes, moose and memories (been on a survival there so it was more adventurous then the Black Forest). Best place I've ever been to.

4. What is your favourite (living) bird (species)?

The living ones should be the Philippine eagle and penguins.
Extinct probably the giant ratites and Haast eagle.

5. Do you like Rhett and Link?

I have no idea what that is...

6. What is your favourite meme?

I don't really have a favorite one :/

7. What is your favourite movie soundtrack?

Jurassic Park, Dragonheart and The Land Before Time.

8. Do you have any condition that is Neurodivergent?

Dunno, sometimes I think I'm hypersensitive, but that's it. To be honest I don't really care.

9. Do you like Taylor Swift?


10. Do you like chickens (animal)?

Of course, modern dinosaurs are awesome :D

11. DO YOU KNOW WHAT :icontraheripteryx:'S NAME MEANS???

I've always wondered what it was.

12. Do you dance/lipsync to music?

Lipsync sometimes yes.

13. Should there be more Tetrapodophis on DA?

Only three reconstructions untill now, I see. Definitely yes, it's a cute thingy.

So, here's this to celebrate the 300 watchers. Thanks again, people!
Holy shit, people! Thanks! 
I don't get why or how, but thanks!

This needs a party. Or at least something to celebrate it. I was thinking about making a new drawing tutorial on Youtube. That good?

Velociraptor mongoliensis by Dontknowwhattodraw94